Do You Know Your ABCs?

The Guy’s Guide to lululemon ABC Pants

Depending on who you talk to, the ABCs take on a totally different meaning.

Your finance bro roommate? Always Be Closing. Your preschool-age niece? The lyrics to her favorite song. Your boomer parents who still haven’t cut the cord? Good ol’ American Broadcasting Company.

But for lululemon fans? It’s the iconic men’s ABC Pant.

The brand’s ABC technology leverages an “ergonomic gusset” to remove tension from the crotch.

A technical way of saying: these pants won’t squish your plums.

They come in five different styles, meaning there’s an ABC Pant for every guy.

Here at SG HQ, we love to make getting dressed easier for guys. Which is why we put together this guide. Because a pant this easy to wear (and, well, easy on the jewels) deserves a permanent spot in your style rotation.

Learn how to work the ABC Pant into your everyday wardrobe


Free from the whims of fashion, reach for the ABC Classic-Fit Pant when you want to level up from your trusty straight-leg jeans.

  • Colors: 12, including Silver Drop and Dark Forest
  • Styles: 5-pocket and trouser
  • All in the details: Reflective fabric at the hem makes cuffing your pants stylish and safe at night!
  • Where to wear ‘em: Pretty much anywhere, from the office to date night

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get inspired with outfit ideas for every ABC Pant style

Classic 5-Pocket

Classic Trouser

What’s so appealing about the ABC Pant is that they present nice and tidy like a pair of chinos even though they feel more like workout gear.

-Gabi Meyers, Team SG stylist


The ABC Slim-Fit Pant looks great on guys who want to show off their gams. They fit close to the leg, without veering into skinny jean territory.

  • Styles: 5-pocket and trouser
  • All in the Details: Even the twill is water-resistant
  • Where to Wear: Wear these pants on a date with your favorite tee, on-trend cardigan, and stylish sneakers for a can’t-miss ‘fit.

Slim 5-Pocket

Slim Trouser

About Warpstreme

lululemon’s proprietary Warpstreme fabric was originally engineered to handle serious sweat in the brand’s heavy-duty workout gear. So using this fabric for wear-everywhere pants is pretty freaking genius.

Where Utilitech feels more sturdy to the touch, Warpstreme is smooth, almost like your favorite gym shorts, just dressier. It’s also wrinkle-resistant, saving you from pulling out the iron before you pull them on.

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In recent years, relaxed-fit pants have made a very welcome comeback for guys. Meaning? The ABC Relaxed-Fit Pant is totally trendy, and comfortable, too.

These pants won’t cling to your leg and provide plenty of room to move around.

  • Styles: 5-pocket and trouser
  • All in the Details: The back pockets boast hidden snaps
  • Where to Wear: The generous cut looks great on weekends spent maxing and relaxing

Relaxed 5-Pocket

Relaxed Trouser

Did You Know?

Previously known as the Commission Pant, the ABC Trouser might just be your new favorite pair of wear-everywhere pants.

What’s different? The back-knee seam has been removed for a more elevated effect, but otherwise, they’re the same stretchy pants you know and love.


Defined by its tapered elastic cuff, the ABC Jogger offers the perfect showcase for your favorite sneakers. They’re WFH-appropriate, and a perfect weekend pant.

  • Fit: Classic-tapered
  • All in the Details: Tuck away the waist’s drawcord into a lay-flat waistband for a more streamlined look.
  • Where to Wear: Sure, joggers always look great with a hoodie, but don’t be afraid to push out of your athleisure comfort zone. Try a casual button down or your favorite sweater.

jogger inseams

About Utilitech

Utilitech fabric is a crazy, Frankenstein-like creation cooked up by the wizards at lululemon that blends the best parts of heavyweight canvas you’d find on durable workwear clothing, with the tech-y, stretch-y fabrics you expect from the brand.

The result is a super durable, sturdy fabric that won’t take forever to break in and won’t fall apart on you anytime soon.


At first glimpse, you’ll think, “Hmm, this looks a lot like ABC’s Classic Fit,” but look closer. You’ll notice a slight taper to the legs and an internal drawcord for cinching. You get the comfort of a sweatpant and the structure of an actual pant.

  • Available sizing: XS to 5XL
  • All in the Details: The hand pockets include a hidden section for your phone.
  • Where to Wear: Long flights, day-to-night plans

I tell clients to wear this style on dates! These pants make your butt look nice and go perfectly with loafers, a cool camp shirt, and shacket.

-Kelci Taylor, Team SG

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